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03   Casona Sforza Hotel


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Hi, I'm Demi, a passionate graphic designer specializing in branding and packaging.
Let's craft ︎a new vision︎ together.

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︎︎︎   Brand Identity 品牌设计
︎︎︎   Packaging Design 包装设计
PSYTONE is a forward-thinking, innovative, and socially conscious brand that empowers individuals to express themselves through unique and fashionable manicures. The rebranding process involved a user-centric approach, personal trend awareness, and sustainability consciousness.

PSYTONE produces runway inspired press-on nails, targeting audiences who are manicure lovers, beauty enthusiasts, and fashion dreamers. I see the product label as a chance to showcase PSYTONE’s unique inspiration and nail design.

The rich black and holographic color scheme as the brand’s palette is an embracement of the gender-neutral world and its commitment to honest self-expression.

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